Best 50+ Ways To Use PLR Content Creatively

Best Ways To Use PLR Content Creatively

Ways To Use PLR Content Creatively

1. Respond to questions on Yahoo! Answers by excerpting or rewriting PLR content.
2. Use PLR content to create a “slideshow style” video that you load up onto YouTube.
3. Use PLR content to create a video that you offer as a paid product.
4. Chop up a PLR ebook to create short reports that you sell for $10 to $15.
5. Use PLR content to create blog posts.
6. Rewrite or excerpt PLR content to create articles that you submit to article directories like,, and
7. Rewrite PLR content to create a free ecourse that you offer by autoresponder.
8. Use PLR content to create a short report that you give away to newsletter subscribers.
9. Compile PLR articles to create a short report that you use to promote your blog.
10. Excerpt or rewrite PLR articles to answer questions on niche forums.
11. Create a weekly newsletter using PLR content.
12. Load 52 PLR articles into your autoresponder to create a yearlong evergreen newsletter.
13. Offer PLR products as bonuses to your paid ebooks.
14. Turn PLR content into the basis for your “workshop at home” course.
15. Take snippets and tips from PLR content and post them on Twitter.
16. Turn a PLR ebook into a lens.
17. Use a pack of 10 PLR articles to create a hub.
18. Turn a PLR ebook into an audio book.
19. Rewrite a PLR ebook and turn it into a physical product using
20. Create a third-party blog (like a Blogger blog) using PLR content.
21. Join and post rewritten PLR content to your page.
22. Populate a new blog with six or more posts using PLR content.
23. Rewrite a PLR ebook and offer it as your main product.
24. Offer PLR articles as bonus content for your membership site members.
25. Rewrite PLR content and create your own PLR offer. (Only if you have transferable rights.)
26. Turn your PLR content into a paid weekly newsletter that you send via the postal mail.
27. Turn chapter of a PLR ebook into weekly lessons that you offer in a fixed-term membership site (like
28. Burn PLR content onto a CD and sell it on eBay.
29. Create a rebrandible report out of PLR content. (Preferably promoting your products or products with two-tier affiliate programs.)
30. Offer a “tip of the week” feature on your blog using PLR content.
31. Stock a vault-style membership site with PLR content.
32. Create a monthly membership site using PLR content.
33. Transcribe PLR audio products and turn these products into articles.
34. Offer the transcripts to a PLR audio product as an upsell to an audio product.
35. Bundle together multiple PLR products and have a firesale.
36. Use a complimentary PLR product as an order-form upsell or cross-sell.
37. Stock your affiliate center with PLR articles and reports.
38. Package multiple PLR products together to create a one-time offer.
39. Use PLR articles to create press releases that you distribute online ( and offline.
40. Extract “talking points” out of PLR content and use it to give a free talk at a local organization (such as the Garden Club, the Rock Hounding Club or the Chamber of Commerce).
41. Extract bullet points, tips and highlights out of PLR content and use it to create slides for paid weekend workshop.
42. Burn a rewritten PLR report onto a CD and give it away free at a niche event (such as a trade show).
43. Sell PLR content on CDs at the back of the room at a weekend seminar.
44. Start a forum and use PLR content to create the first half a dozen or so discussion topics.
45. Post articles on niche forums (where allowed – some forums have an articles section).
46. Offer PLR content as a “bribe” to get people to subscribe to your RSS feed.
47. Use PLR content as the basis for an audio training course.
48. Create a radio show on and use PLR content as discussion topics.
49. Offer free products (derived from PLR content) as an incentive on a “tell a friend” script.
50. Train your new affiliates by giving them marketing materials to read and apply. Naturally, you use PLR content to create these materials.
51. Combine multiple PLR products to create a high-ticket home-study course.
52. Create an article out of PLR to use when you act as a guest blogger on someone else’s blog.

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