So, You Published Great PLR Content, Articles And Products On Your Site. Now What?

The ultimate guide and checklist to getting traffic and sales to your site, after you’ve published your PLR content and PLR product

quality-PLR-trafficSo, you bought quality PLR content, like articles and digital products, from a respected PLR membership site, like You published everything on your blog. You wait for cash to flow in instantly. And guess what; nothing is happening. Your PLR content doesn’t bring you any money. What might be wrong?

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Where is the money in my PLR site?

PLR-site-traffic-conversion-checklist-newHere are my top tips about what to do next. They are essentially a checklist for you to make sure you have everything set up appropriately and in place to attract traffic, convert visitors to customers, and earn money from PLR content. Check out these tips one by one to find out why your online business is not bringing in any cash.

This intended to be a massively useful guide on how to make the most out of the PLR articles and PLR products you bought, so that you build a thriving and automated business. 

1. Conversion tactics and tools

 Internet users visits dozens of websites everyday. You need to make sure your employees advanced conversion tactics and tools to attract the visitors’ attention. 

Good news is that today’s technology and the expansion of the internet use have made conversion tools affordable to all internet business owners. There are even free tools to help you get started with increasing your conversions.

But let’s get down to the specifics of the tactics and tools I’m talking about.

Calls to action and opt-in forms. These two are the basic visitor conversion tactics you should be using on your blog. 

A call to action is about encouraging the user to take a specific next step.

The next step might be: share on Facebook, sign up for my newsletter, download your free ebook, click this button etc. A call to action can be virtually any specific action by the user that would be of mutual benefit.

An opt-in form, which also contains a call to action, is a form asking for the visitor’s email (and maybe name).

mailmunch-popups-optinsOpt-in forms are all those forms you see popping up, sliding into the page or being placed at the end of a blog post. Opt-in forms are the gateway between the potential client and you.

You use an opt-in form to ask for your reader’s email address, so that you can build up your mailing list and you can mail him/her later with any affiliate offers or your own products.

For the optin to be attractive and converting, you must aim at a win-win situation. So, you must either offer a freebie for the user to hand in their email address, or you must compensate them in some other interesting and beneficial way.

Don’t forget to assure them that their email will be safe with you. They, you, me, everybody don’t want to be spammed.

There are several solutions to help you get started with pop-ups, like SumoMe, several WordPress plugins (wBounce, OptiMonk, OptinMonster, Privy, MailMunch etc.) on, Wishpond etc. Use these to create calls to actions and embed opt-in forms. You can create opt-in forms from within a mass mailing service provider like GetResponse, MailerLite, aWeber, Mailchimp etc. 

Extra tip: Visit the above-mentioned brands’ blogs (e.g. GetResponse, MailMunch etc.) to get more ideas and insight on how to use internet marketing methods for your site.

Instead of pop-ups you might come across similar tools like overlays or conversion bars that stick to the top of the screen as a user scrolls through the page and asks them to subscribe. In any forms, all these tools have a common goal: Help you convert visitors into sales leads, and eventually paying customers.

So, to close this first tip, if you want your PLR content and products to lead to actual sales, you must employ conversion tactics and tools on your website. You need not get lost in a maze of internet marketing jargon and technologies. Just make sure:

a) EVERY piece of your content (article or page) has a call to action, and 

b) you use opt-in forms at the end of your posts, on your site’s sidebar and one triggered just before the user exits the site (exit-intent or exit pop-up).


2. Facebook, Google+ and YouTube

Facebook, Google+ and YouTube are my top choice if you only have limited time, which all of us do, for social media marketing and PLR content promotion.

top social mediaCreate a Facebook Page (plus a Group if you have time), a Google+ Page (plus a Community if you have time) and a YouTube account and channel. Why I choose those three media? Facebook is the most popular one. Google+ is owned by Google and will help with your rankings. YouTube is owned by Google, is the second largest search engine after Google itself and off course harnesses the power of video the best way. Twitter might be beneficial to your business, depending on your niche. I don’t use it much, but you just try it out and see!

Aim at creating an interactive relationship between your brand and your audience, and you may find out that this will skyrocket your website traffic and PLR product sales.

Extra tip: There are several cases of FB groups that are more lively and successful than Facebook pages. Check out The Smart Passive Income Community and the Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind Facebook Groups. They have achieved excellence because they not only provide quality content but they also evoke member interactions, questions and useful answers. Try creating a group and see for yourself!

3. Rewriting, adding current content and rebranding

Content IS King
Content IS King

Yes, you bought a quality piece of content. On we publish only quality PLR content for our members. But is that enough? I have to be honest here. Quality is one factor, the most important one, in the equation. Uniqueness and personal voice is the other.

So, you want PLR content to be

a) unique for Google

b) appealing to readers because it has your own voice.

The way to go is REWRITING. Rewrite the PLR content you bought, and add even more value to the reader.

If it is an article, also search for more resources, so you add current content and recent research findings to back up your views. Do that for ebook you’ll be selling as well. Rearrange content and chapters, add resources, link to book author’s citations and take some time to add extra content, like images, into the raw text.

Create extra material for your buyers the smart way. Some ideas are to create

  • infographics,
  • checklists,
  • cheatsheets or
  • workbooks

using the existing PLR ebook content, which you will re-format or re-purpose. You can even create a presentation using PowerPoint (for slides) and Camtasia (for recording slides and your voice) and export it to a video format. This extra practical material will breathe life into PLR content. It will amaze your readers and will help you create a unique selling proposition (USP), by differentiating from other online entrepreneurs who have bought the same PLR ebook.

Extra Tip: Get this course to learn how to achieve cheap Facebook PPC for your videos. It actually works!

4. Niche narrow-down and customer avatar

This topic is purely about marketing principles. If you’ve studied marketing and business, you know that targeting a specific segment of an industry where there is a strong need and a particular customer profile is essential to product success.

If you haven’t had any marketing training, please watch the following video instead, to learn some things about segmentation, targeting and positioning:

or visit the following links to get an idea:

The customer profile, which you target, is often called “customer avatar“. So, instead of selling a course on how to train your dog, which targets dog owners in general, you might be selling a course on how to train your pit bull to become a guard dog, targets pit bull owners, who are actually a segment of dog owners, who want their dog to be a great guard.

Think about this: If you are in the diet niche, you broadcast to people who want to lose weight. OK, there are people who want to gain weight, but I guess they are minority. So, your target audience want to lose weight. But do they have exactly the same needs and wants? Definitely not! There are different needs, language and sentiment among women and men, youngsters and middle-aged people, vegetarians and meat-eaters, athletes and couch-lovers and so forth.

See the point?

If you want to create a great product based on PLR, you need to adjust your voice and the PLR product contents to the particular audience, to attract the leads and buyers you want.

5. Link building and PR

PR publicity LinkbuildingSo, you put out your great PLR content. Now what? You need to think off-page SEO and public relations to boost your content’s reach.

If you stand 100% behind your product, try contacting a journalist (e.g. through or publish press releases at a low price. Go to and search for press release writing and distribution to get services for as low as $5.

First, you have to totally stand behind your content. Believe in it. Then, you can start building web links that point to your articles, opt-in pages and sales pages. 

How can you build backlinks? Post your links to:

  • Web directories.
  • Comments on related blogs.
  • Social bookmarking sites, like delicious, Digg, Diigo, Reddit, StumbleUpon, HubPages (formerly known as Squidoo) and so on. 
  • Free forums. Search on Google for popular forums in your niche.
  • Free Blogging or Web 2.0 sites, such as,,, Also image websites like Pinterest, Flickr, imgur. Create your brand’s images for free using or You can even try publishing a new article or adding to an existing article on Wikipedia (this will be a huge boost to your website’s rankings!).
  • Guest posts on authority blogs in your niche. Write up a really good peace of content and contact bloggers to ask them to publish your article. Google ‘keyword’ + ‘write for us’ to find guest post opportunities.
  • Use tools to find your competitors’ backlinks, so you can legally steal them.

Extra tip: Here’s more or less complete list of search phrases you can Google to find guest posting opportunities:

  • “Write for us”;
  • “Become an author”;
  • “Become a writer”;
  • “Send a guest post”
  • “Guest bloggers wanted”
  • “Contribute to our site”;
  • “Become guest writer”
  • “Become a contributor”;
  • “(Write for our) guest column”.
  • “Want to write for us”;
  • “Submit a guest post” / “Submit post” / “Submit blog post”
  • “Add blog post”
  • “Submit an article”
  • “Suggest a guest post”

In my opinion, give top priority to guest posting. It is the best chance for you to get high-quality backlinks, that will increase your Google SERP rankings and boost your site’s authority and traffic. Also, getting your name in front of a wide audience is the way to go, and by guest posting you’ll be ‘stealing’ the readers of famous bloggers.

Say what? Sure, it takes time to do all this, but it is worth the effort, if you want to see long-term results in your cash flow.

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6. Traffic

free traffic methods PLRTraffic, traffic, traffic…

Yes, traffic is the holy grail of internet marketing. You hit the ‘Publish’ button, you have your quality PLR content in place, but how do you get your site to stand out, rank in SERPs and eventually attract traffic?

Free traffic is the most wanted kind of website traffic. You’ve spent money (even if it is a few bucks) for domain name registration, hosting, a premium WordPress theme, logo creation on Fiverr, a good PLR product, content rewriting, backlinking etc. So, now the least you want is to have someone buy your product. But your expectations are not realized. And you don’t want to spend more money. The answer is free traffic.

How do you get free traffic? Here are the top ways:

  • Create astonishingly great content
  • Do off-page SEO, mostly meaning backlinking 
  • Thrive on social media, publish on your Facebook page
  • Answer questions on quora and Facebook groups
  • Build your email list, and email subscribers each time you publish a new blog post
  • Engage in forum discussions
  • Try solo ads and joint ventures (JVs) with other content publishers
  • Start a podcast if you’re keen on speaking into a mic
  • Start a vlog, if you like presenting in front of a camera

If free traffic seems to be difficult for you to implement, and you want faster results, why not try paid advertising? Cheap Facebook Ads is the way (see point #11 in this article). Additionally, you might be able to get free Google or Bing advertising coupons from your hosting provider, when you sign up for a new account.

Extra tip: Avoid ordering Fiverr gigs that promise daily traffic of thousands of unique visitors. They use automated traffic gen tools, like HitLeap. They deliver traffic, but the user doesn’t actually see or pay attention to your website, because he/she just runs an automated software.

In my opinion, and since “Content is King”, as you may have heard,

the BEST FREE TRAFFIC method is to create really great and uniquely interesting content on your site. Google will pick your articles, when a user searches for a given keyword.

If Google determines that your business website is the best resource for the user to get answers and info, it will point him/her to your articles, by ranking them on top of the search results

So, don’t expect to find the free traffic solution in quick fixes. Go the extra mile and put effort into creating well-researched quality content, which by the way you will do easily, if you already have a PLR article to start with. Just go to Google and search for recent resources using your keyword and the time filter. Find the best of them, take a key point from each, incorporate it into your PLR article, and there you have it. An original, high-quality and up-to-date piece of content.

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7. Email marketing

mailerlite free autoresponderWhen it comes to email marketing, my favorite services are GetResponse and MailerLite? Why? GetResponse is easy to use, and offers a landing-page feature if you pay an extra monthly fee. MailerLite is the best option to start with, because you don’t have to pay anything for up to 1000 subscribers, which is awesome. Also, it is a minimalist email and autoresponder platform, which lacks no essential features and ease of use. I definitely recommend MailerLite, if you’re starting with email marketing and need a free autoresponder service.

So, why so much buzz about email marketing. Just think about it.

When you build an email list, you have a privately owned business asset, which you can manage and control 100%.

Compared to a Facebook page, for instance, an email list is completely your own, which means you can mail and reach a subscriber any time, while when it comes to a Facebook page you are faced with an algorithm which calculates which page fans you can reach when you post an update. In other words, not all Facebook page updates reach every person who has liked your page.

An email list is an invaluable asset. If acquired in a lawful and proper way, the email list subscribers are a targeted audience, who know your brand and are willing to receive content from you. What more would you wish for? You can deliver great content and also market your offers to your list.

If you use an autoresponder, like MailerLite, GetResponse, aWeber, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi or other, you can even write your email one time in advance, feed them in the autoresponder, and have them sent automatically to each new subscribers, without you needing to press a button.

An email marketing service will provide you with tools like sign-up ot opt-in forms, email templates and automation features, that will assist you in your efforts to convert visitors into buyers.

Extra tip: Email marketing should be your #1 priority after you’ve published content on your website. Collecting emails from day 1 will build you an invaluable business asset for short- and long-term monetization.

Try different email marketing service providers before you choose. Don’t base your decision solely on blogger recommendations, because their opinion might be biased if they are affiliated to a particular autoresponder service. Just go for the features you need, ease of use, friendly user interface, low pricing, and high deliverability rates. Don’t get dazzled by bold sales pages and advanced CRM or automation features that you don’t need when starting out.

8. Sales funnel

When you go to a physical store as a customer, a sales representative will welcome you. They will ask you what you need and pitch you their products with the intention to sell. That’s in the offline world.

Online there is no actual sales person, and the web visitor can leave your website within seconds, before even you get a chance to properly present your offer, the offer you have created based on valuable PLR material. That is why you need to design and integrate a sales funnel. And here is a kind-of definition of an online sales funnel and an example of a sales funnel, which drives traffic from Facebook marketing.

Sales Funnel Example

 An online sales funnel is the perfect way to substitute a professional sales person, capture and guide your sales lead through the whole buying process, as well as automate everything at the same time.

 A sales funnel is comprised of a set of marketing pages, assets and tools to facilitate the steps in the process.

Note here that there are done-for-you sales funnels that come with private label rights. You can grab them, adjust them to suit your target audience and upload them directly to the server, where your website is hosted. Such quality DFY sales funnels with PLR are included in the membership.

So, each stage of the funnel is either supported by a marketing tool (e.g. Facebook Ads, email autoresponder) or a web page (e.g. lead-capture page, sales page, thank-you page) or both.

For example, you run Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your website, where you sell a digital product with PLR. You direct traffic to a specific landing page, which is a lead-capture or opt-in page. There you give away a free report to the person who signs up for your mailing list using an opt-in form. After they sign up, they are redirected to a thank-you page on your site, where you present them an one-time offer (OTO), to buy one of your affordable online products, e.g. another PDF report. 

Then a sequence of automated emails, an autoresponder series of emails, is triggered, with the goal to nurture leads through awareness, trust and eventually sales. You deliver both educational and sales pitching emails. Each sales email directs the user to a sales page, which is also part of the funnel.

Buyers are stored in a different segmented email list, so you can offer them up-sells or cress-sells of various digital goods or info-products.

Drawing the funnel flow on a piece of paper and inter-connecting all the different steps in the process will help you get a clear picture how a sales funnel looks like. Here are two samples:


Funnel Flow sample


Funnel with upsells example

Depending on the goal you want to pursuit, you might hear people talking about:

  • opt-in funnels 
  • webinar & auto-webinar funnels
  • eBook sales funnels
  • product launch funnels
  • membership site funnels
  • …and much more.

Extra tip: Test, test, test! There is no single one marketing guru that can tell you which funnel will work best for your individual business. Follow a template or a blueprint, then add variations and to A/B split testing of different elements (e.g. forms, headlines, colors) to see what converts better.

I must say that if you find that your PLR website doesn’t bring sales, putting in place a sales funnel should be on top of your priority list.

9. Credibility

The quality of a website is a decisive factor in the user’s choice to stay or leave your online business. One of your top priorities should be to enhance the credibility of your site and your online brand. How do you do that?

Make sure you include all necessary legal pages. I won’t say more on that matter, because it’s better you get professional legal advice. Just note that when you buy a complete PLR sales funnel you also get legal pages to have as templates for your new PLR product sales.

Collect client testimonials and present them in a distinctive position on your sales pages. You can even create a homepage area, where you will list any client credentials.

Have you presented your brand on national media, like TV channels, newspapers or magazines? Reserve an area in your site’s header to list the media you’ve been featured on.

From a technical perspective, an SSL certificate would strengthen the reliability of your online business, not only in the eyes of your customers but also the ones of the Google bots, which will rank your pages. An SSL certificate is a must have if you process payments on your site.

Additionally, make it easy for the internet users to find your contact details. Provide a phone number, physical address, email address and a contact form. Point them to your social media pages, to provide social proof

Last but not least, avoid employing too much advertising, pop-ups and other elements that might interrupt the user experience.

10. User-friendly interface

Just open a news browser’s window, navigate through your website’s pages, click and test different elements, while always noticing your first impression and feeling when you see your pages from a user’s perspective.

Make your site easy to navigate, design your structure and menu the least complicated way possible. Keep everything simple, easy to grasp and effective. Can the user easily find and understand:

  • who you are,
  • what you do,
  • what your credentials are,
  • what value you have to offer,
  • how to buy and
  • how to contact you for more info?

Hire a graphic designer or use a done-for-you premium template and PLR products, to ensure all color mixing and combinations stand out and inspire professionalism.

A good user interface will increase sales conversions on your website, just because it will make it easy and enjoyable to consume your content and buy your products.

Don’t hesitate to test variations of the pages and web elements so you find out what resonates best with your audience. Get some advanced user-interface tips here.

11. Facebook Ads

If you have published quality PLR content on your blog but haven’t yet attracted traffic, why not consider running Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads are the most cost-effective Pay-Per-Click advertisements around. They can help you skyrocket your traffic, product and brand visibility, and also drive email list subscriptions and sales, if you’re using a sales funnel effectively.

You can use lead ads, custom and lookalike audiences, advertising of videos uploaded to your page, Facebook page tabs and other tactics to facilitate email list growth and sales. Read more in this article. Also, don’t miss the official Facebook guide for lead ads, which includes a video, more info on custom and lookalike audiences and a cost-effective way to advertise video you uploaded on your page for as low as 0.02 per video view. How you do the latter? You upload your own video or any YouTube video (to do that you will need to first download the video from YouTube) to your Facebook page, and the you advertise that same video. This will give you a very low PPC.

I know Facebook ads can be intimidating. If you want to utilize cheap paid traffic you might want to hire an expert internet or social media marketer to do Facebook advertising for you. Here is a reputable service to get you started.

When you run FB ads, make sure you have a sales funnel in place with lead-capture forms, so you don’t waste your money on visitors who will forget about your brand and never come back to your website again. Always have a goal to capture at least the email of each and every visitor. So, if you don’t achieve a sale the first time, you’ll be able to contact the again and again to help them move forward in the sales funnel.

PLRnew-Logo2I hope you found “the ultimate guide and checklist to getting traffic and sales to your site, after you’ve published your PLR content and PLR product” as useful as it was intended to be.

I’ll be happy to read your comments here below and answer to any questions.

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