How To Create Irresistible, High-Value Lead Magnets

irresistible lead magnetsWays to Produce Tempting, High-Value Lead Magnet Opt-Ins to Grow Your Subscriber List

After you understand exactly what specific niche you wish to target, the next action is to produce a totally free offer or “ethical bribe” to provide visitors in exchange for their e-mail address.
This does not need to be challenging or take long at all.

Here are some AMAZING techniques you can utilize to extremely rapidly assembled irresistible
offers to hand out on your capture pages and develop your list.

First, let’s look at what a lead magnet is.


Video: What is a lead magnet?

The majority of people will inform you to simply get some inexpensive PLR (Private Label Rights) blog posts and re-write/re-package them to give away as a gift.

Often this isn’t really the very best technique. Why? Well, due to the fact that a great deal of PLR is
TRULY poor quality and does not consist of much genuine or helpful info.


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Aiming to reword PLR is time consuming, and in the end you end up with a reworded
piece of trash.

Have you ever heard the old stating, “You cannot polish a terd”? Well, that a person absolutely uses here. If you understand where to look, you can discover excellent quality plr material.

One fantastic source for high quality initial plr material is Here at we do a brilliant work assembling premium PLR content you can utilize immediately. You can find everything in the members’ area.

Pick and download out the golden nuggets and re-package it into a pdf, word doc, mind map or whatever– or you can simply provide it away as it is.

Irresistible, high-value, brand-building PLR lead magnets to increase your subscriber list and make money online.
KEEP IN MIND: A benefit to doing a fast reword is that you can place your own affiliate links in the reports and begin making cash with them off the bat. PLR typically includes a Word Doc so you can simply include a sentence or more that includes you affiliate links. Save it as a pdf and you’re set for making money.

Another location to opt for extremely inexpensive info products/plr is the Warrior Special Offers Forum. Do some research in the threads including your target keyword. The very best method to do it is to press “ctrl+ f” (in windows) or “command+ f” (for Mac). Type your keyword in the search bar on top right of your screen, and it’ll highlight the keyword on the threads. 

Get 2 or 3 comparable items for actually inexpensive and get hold of all the golden nuggets from each one– and Voila! You’ll have developed your personal incredibly important choose an item that you can utilize once again and once again to develop a big list of customers!

An even much better concept is enter into the Warrior Forum “War Room” where you have access to countless complimentary high quality items. This is a private space so you have to subscribe for a one-time charge of $37, however it’s worth every cent.

Free Methods to assemble an excellent opt-in bundle free of charge

You can simply go to (or any other video sharing website) and try to find appropriate videos to create a “mini course” with.

Remember this IS a complimentary giveaway– you’re the one making the effort to pick up all the info for your visitors.

Here’s another FREE approach– and this one’s awesome.

Go to or some other post directory sites and discover actually great short articles on your subject. Simply select out the golden nuggets and reword those sectors of the short articles in your very own words and put them completely in one pdf.

It’s actually essential you mention the source of the free article if you copy and paste the posts as they are. Bio/resource box at the bottom of the short article and offer credit to the author –that’s your call.

I would simply re-write them. It’s in your own voice and you’ll get credit for being the “specialist”. And it just takes a couple of minutes. You do not need to reword every single word, simply make it into your very own voice. Plus readers can get a concept of your character which assists you brand name yourself pretty quickly.

BTW– Don’t forget to include some affiliate offer links in your free opt-in content so you can begin earning money immediately, even before you have your own product to sell.

This was a comprehensive approach to creating irresistible, brand-building lead magnets, which will increase your subscriber list and, at the same time, make you money online.

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