3 Ways to Make Money Creating Content

make money creating content3 Ways to Make Money Creating Content

There are many, many methods to make money online, but by no means are they are equal. There are those that don’t work out well, there are the rip-offs, and then there are the tested ways to make cash online. In this article, we go over 3 of the best proven methods to make money online through creating your own content.

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing describes the activity in which you will write for different customers. The content and length of the product greatly varies. You can discover jobs that request for short 100-word snippets to full-blown thousands-of-words-long e-books. It actually depends on exactly what your customers are looking for.

These job demands can be discovered on many websites dedicated to task demands, and there are even sites particularly catering to writing job demands. A fast Google search for “freelance writing” will bring up a variety of sites. As a freelance author, your prospective customers are website owners, bloggers, marketers, and small business owners.

The subject matter can cover just about anything under the sun– you’ll discover job demands for rifle scope descriptions to electronic product examines to skateboarding website copy. You can decide to focus on a few topics, or go with the circulation and take up whatever task requests come your method. The latter tends to be more interesting, even if it can tend to slow down your writing (due to the fact that of the research needed) and lower your output. One crucial element of this proven method to make money online is keyword research.

On the Internet, the online search engine is a prime mover due to the fact that it directs individuals to where they wish to go. Websites are multitudinous and frequently in competitors, therefore online search engine companies evaluate websites to allow better result filtering and improved user satisfaction.

One manner in which internet search engine evaluate webpages and websites is by examining their keywords for distribution, frequency, and type. As a freelance writer, your output will often be required to have correct keyword application. You can perform your own research, or even better, you can get the task order full with keywords and frequencies.

Remember to distribute the keywords as equally as you can throughout the entire article. In practice, there are 2 ways to organize your freelance writing. One, you can compose short articles and offer them in batches; think “3 300-word posts on web marketing for x dollars” example. In this case, you will need to conduct your niche research well, and also know where to go to promote your output.

The other approach is to get yourself hired by picking up posted requests. This involves more time spent trawling websites for requests and carrying out communication with job demand owners, however it does offer you with much better instructions. Here are some advised freelance sites:

  • www.upwork.com
  • www.guru.com
  • www.peopleperhour.com
  • www.iwriter.com

You may also like to try micro outsourcing sites:

  • www.fiverr.com
  • www.microworkers.com

2. Write and Submit

Since you are not offering your services to a specific individual or party, this is various from freelance writing. In this proven way to make money online, you compose posts by yourself time and after that send them to article directory sites, and even to magazines. Once more, you will see a terrific variety of potential specific niches and subjects.

In theory, the range of potential subjects for writing is unlimited– you’re just restricted by your proficiency and willingness to cover those topics. The length also varies, but in this technique you will mainly be restricted to posts between 200 words and a thousand words. This is since you are composing “posts” that are understandable in one short sitting, but are considerable enough to justify the space they occupy.

Article directories are quite just orderly repositories of written product, usually of the informative sort. A visitor can access the directory and use keywords to search for posts, and then browse at their leisure. As a writer, these directory sites allow you to obtain views for your short articles while having a routine outlet for your written material.

Here are some top article directories:

  1. www.ehow.com
  2. www.hubpages.com
  3. www.seekingalpha.com
  4. www.examiner.com
  5. www.ezinearticles.com
  6. www.apsense.com/article/start
  7. www.articlesbase.com
  8. www.buzzle.com
  9. www.biggerpockets.com/articles
  10. www.sooperarticles.com

How does this earn money for you?

Well, some directory sites pay for each visitor who comes to read your short articles. Obviously, you can also utilize your posts to market different items and get money from commissions or sales.

On the World Wide Web, generating income often includes numerous overlapping strategies. This might seem intimidating to the budding Internet-based moneymaker however you’ll get the hang of it rapidly enough. Keep in mind to choose the best classifications for your articles, or they might end up getting de-indexed and may suffer penalties.

Furthermore, do not forget your keyword research. In this technique the keyword research is not as important as in freelance writing, you will still get more hits if you utilize the right keywords.

3. Article Marketing

Make money online with article marketing. What makes article marketing different from the 2 previous writing-type techniques to make cash online? It’s truly a distinction in context. Whereas freelance writing is about composing and offering your customers partial or complete ownership of the product, and writing and submitting means releasing material under your own name for the sake of writing, article marketing is more straight profit-oriented.

Article marketing describes the set of activities revolving around the writing of posts to promote and sell different products and services.

Like in the “write and submit” technique, you own your product, but the principle is various. Article marketing is everything about making money from your words by offering something that you or another person is providing.

Different in spirit, article marketing does likewise require research study into the keywords that are popping and producing lots of interest. Aside from assisting you select a specific niche, you can also use the keyword variations that get more views, or you could cover the less-used keywords to benefit from under-explored markets.

These articles are likewise submitted to various sites and directory sites where they can get more direct exposure. More direct exposure equates to more hits equals higher opportunities of converting into a sale equals more cash for you. It’s an easy equation, truly. In article marketing, you have to place on your plastic smile and pull out all the stops on your ability to act (as far as composing is concerned). Bear in mind that you are trying to sell something, so the more convincing you are, the more reliable and effective your approach is. Know your audience and change your writing design to obtain better results.

Popular article directory sites to send to:

  1. www.ezinearticles.com
  2. www.articlecity.com
  3. www.articlebase.com
  4. www.goarticles.com
  5. www.ideamarketers.com
  6. www.articlealley.com

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