7 Ways to Find Brand New PLR eBooks and Products

New PLR ebooksNew PLR eBooks and products are what you would constantly be looking for, if you own and manage any online business. As an online entrepreneur, or marketer you should already know that new, up-to-date information is valued highly on the internet by Google and, of course, the users themselves. Finding brand new PLR infoproducts can be a great solution for your content marketing needs.

What Are PLR eBooks and Products?

Before talking about fresh PLR, let’s refer to what PLR is, in case it’s a term you’re not familiar with.

PLR is an acronym for Private Label Rights.

It refers to intellectual property rights, regarding the use of various digital products such as articles, eBooks, software, graphic templates etc. A product with private label rights should come with a license looking like this:

PLR Licence - New PLR eboobs

It doesn’t have to include ALL the terms shown in the image above; Let me explain. A Private Label Rights license would clearly state what you ARE allowed and are NOT allowed to do with your new PLR product, in terms of use, publication, changing/editing or reselling.

  • Can you edit or change it an any way?
  • Can you present yourself as the author? 
  • Can you repurpose it and publish it anywhere you want online?
  • Can you give it away for free?
  • What would be the minimum price of this PLR digital good?

You can use the above image as a point of reference for what to expect from a private label license.

Other kinds of licenses you may want to look at and learn more about are:

  • Master Resell Rights License
  • Basic Resell Rights
  • Personal Use Only Products
  • Developer License
  • Agency License

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Why Do You Need New PLR eBooks?

Content IS King

Content Is King

Although this is a cliché, it’s 100% true.

Google loves sites that publish fresh content. Users are constantly looking for new information and ideas. As an entrepreneur or marketer, if you want to build a site or business that stands out from the competition, you definitely need new. high-quality content.

Let’s not forget that you also need to publish on your main platform, which is usually your website, and other media as well, like YouTube, podcast sites, social media, presentation sites, or other places, depending on your strategy and niche.

Aren’t we humans?

We all need inspiration, new knowledge and skills, as well as time and effort, to create significant amounts of fresh web content. Do you have it all, on all subjects, all of the time? Inspiration? Knowledge? Time? You get the point.

New PLR eBooks and digital infoproducts in general are excellent resources for fresh content in unlimited quantity and for an affordable price.

New PLR infoproducts have so many advantages for your business:

  • Stay up-to-date with technology and marketing trends
  • Affordable or even low-priced
  • Various formats: eBooks, articles, presentations, mp3s, videos, scripts, software, mobile apps — you name it
  • Various subject matters, mostly regarding niches with high demand/Google searches
  • New PLR eBooks offer a comprehensive resource, addressing all major internet users’ concerns about a topic

See? New PLR eBooks can be a weight off your shoulders, for that matter.

Best Ways to Find Brand New PLR eBooks

Before listing the top 7 ways to find new PLR eBooks and other digital goods, I’d like to point out that QUALITY can be a huge issues when you buy PLR content. Since it is cheap and, you know, it’s the internet!, you might end up looking at low quality products, written by random marketers or content that repeats the same old stuff again and again. So, what you need to do is to look for new, high-quality PLR eBooks.

Make sure that the product is:

  • Written by experienced writers or marketers
  • Maintains high-quality and professional standards 
  • Original and unique
  • As extensive and detailed as you need
  • Includes all elements and info you need
  • Sold by a reputable product creator or PLR product eshop.

Now that the matter of quality is clear, let’s dive into how you can find brand new PLR ebooks and content for your business.

(Click here to download a high-quality version of the following infographic)

Infographic New PLR ebooks and content

1. Advanced Google Search

Google search provides amazing tools to refine the results you get. Most people don’t know about them. You can you the option “search tools” to limit your search for “PLR ebooks” to the last month or year. You may also use selectors within the search field to specify exactly what you want. Some examples are:

  • “new PLR eBooks” your niche
  • “PLR eBooks” inurl:2015
  • your topic intext:PLR 

You may also use a combination of selectors and the search tools, to get only recent results or simply use this interface advanced search.

2. Internet Marketing Forums

You must have heard of the Warrior Forum. If not Google “Warrior Forum WSO”, and you’ll reach the Warrior Special Offers forum thread, where various marketing products are sold. Search for the ones that come with PLR, and good testimonials.

3. Affiliate Marketing Blogs

If you look for bloggers in your niche, you will spot the ones that do affiliate marketing. Following those folks will surely let you know when new digital products and even products with PLR are out on the market. This will happen, because established affiliate marketers always promote high-quality and high-converting products in their niche.

4. Membership Sites

You already know this is a membership site, don’t you? But we’re not afraid of competition, so two recommended resources are the following:

These days, there are amazing membership sites with tons of PLR products, like downloadPLRproducts.com. You pay a monthly fee and get access to all kinds of digital products with resell, master resell or private label rights.

In my opinion, PLRsalesfunnels.com is the top destination for complete, new PLR sales funnels for the internet marketing niche. I highly recommend it!

5. Reputable PLR Product Shops

There are products vendors that consistently produce high-quality and up-to-date digital goods with PLR. 

PLRnook.com is one of them. Really good stuff. I will not recommend any other product creator, but I suggest you search the Warrior Forum for “quality PLR” to get testimonials by real buyers.

6. Internet Marketing Marketplaces

Internet marketing marketplaces like JVzoo.com and Clickbank.com, which by the way are the top ones, offer an astonishing variety of products. Sometimes, their creators sell the product itself as a front-end offer, and then a PLR license as an upsell or one-time offer.

Look for products related to your topic, and, if private label rights are not present, ask the creator directly, to find out if you can get PLR and how much it would cost.

7. Always New and Quality PLR on PLRnew.com

Great PLR contentLast but not least, PLRnew.com is a guaranteed high-quality resource of new hand-picked PLR digital books and other products, like complete sales funnels.

We offer two membership plans: monthly membership and lifetime membership. Both plans give you full unlimited access to tons of PLR products of all sorts that are always up to date since we add new member content every single month.

Choose your membership now, starting from only $1.99, and prepare to be amazed!

A FREE PLR Resource and a Closing Tip

Finally, a bonus FREE resource for PLR articles is plrplr.com. And an extra tip: Try to have any articles, eBooks or other piece of content rewritten and adjusted to your style. Your following will always appreciate an original product with a unique voice, and they will not know, or care if, it was based on a new PLR (free or paid) piece of content.

There you have it! These are the seven best ways to find brand new PLR ebooks that can solve all your online content problems.

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