Quality PLR Content: Where to Get High Quality PLR Ebooks and Articles

Where to find Quality PLR Content
Where to find High-Quality PLR Content

Quality PLR Content: Where to Get High Quality PLR Ebooks and Articles

The battle between quality and quantity of information goes on and on over the internet. Truth is quality is hard to find; quantity is just there. Google search is in favor of quality mostly, even better if it is combined with quantity. So, when a site has quality, original and interesting articles, will rank better that a BS site. Moreover, if quality content is combined with long articles, the site is more likely to rank on top of SERPs.

Creating quality content can be an exhausting process. Some people do not have writing skills anyways, although I strongly believe that you don’t need a writing talent to produce quality content. 

Quality PLR content, articles and ebooks can give you a head start, make the content creation easier, give you some inspiration to start with, and even help you structure your thoughts, when you don’t really know what points you want to list and in what order.

Looking for quality PLR content will give you an advantage over somebody who wants to start from scratch. When you base your writing on quality PLR content, you will produce results faster and more easily. Cost is an issue as well. It is much more affordable to rewrite or have somebody rewrite a PLR ebook or article, than do it from zero.

Quality PLR products are well-researched to address current issues and trends. So, you can be almost sure that a quality PLR ebook includes all major points regarding the topic it handles. You can further expand it, by searching on Amazon and dummies.com or even trending topics on social media as well as forums to include extra content about questions that your potential audience may have.

Where to Find Quality PLR Content

There are lots of sites that provide new PLR products and any kind of PLR content. You may find a wide range of digital products or info-products with resell rights or master resell rights. Still quality can be an issue. Some of them are re-hashed, using old stuff, so they end up repeating the same things over and over again.

You might find this Warrior Forum thread very useful. It is titled “Where to get High Quality PLR Ebooks?”. Although it was started in 2012, it has many useful suggestions and testimonials from quality PLR content buyers and experienced internet marketers.

I cannot recommend any of those, that I haven’t tried, but I can list here some suggestions -in no particular order- taken from the Warrior Forum:

PLR Articles By Tiffany Dow

Best Quality PLR

Content Shortcuts

Buy PLR Today

PLR Assasin

A more up-to-date thread about quality PLR products can be found here:


Tradebit.com is something I just found out and I want to check out.

Other top quality PLR resources, mentioned at mariansweb.com, include:

PLR.me which is about Done-For-You Private Label Content for Health and Wellness Professionals

IDPLR offers Instant Access to 8280 PLR Products, Which You Can Resell And Keep 100% Of The Profits!

PLR Wholesaler
Gabor Olah’s huge inventory of PLR, MRR, RR & videos. Even with his VIP membership you may download lots of good stuff to start with.

Nitro Wealth PLR
All is included, so you can just do minor edits and upload the product – and you’re ready to sell!

Top Quality PLR Content

My honest suggestion for quality PLR content is naturally the current site, which offers very affordable membership plans,

PLRnew.com Membership: Everything You Need to Start Your Own Online Business!

downloadplrproducts.com, which you can try for $1,

PLRnook.com, which offers high-quality PLR products, although not a great variety, and finally

plrsalesfunnels.com for complete DFY business ideas.

I hope this article was a useful resource about how to find quality PLR content for your website and online business.

Feel free to recommend any other quality resources or PLR product creators in the comment below.

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