How To Write Blog Posts Faster

How To Write Blog Posts FasterThis post was inspired by Chris Lema’s article on “The simple truth that will help you write blog posts faster”. I remember reading this post 2 or 3 years ago. It is still 100% relevant and recommended.

In this article I use Chris’s practical advice plus 2 tips to show you how you can write blog posts faster than you can believe.

It’s an invaluable article with practical information about how you can use the analogy of the 7 basic plot lines in all the stories in the world to create blog post templates so you write faster and easier.

What Chris talks about is that there are topics and patterns in your writing. If you figure out the kinds of content you create, you can group the topics into categories and work along those. So, for example, Chris’s blog topics are:

  1. News stories
  2. Personal reflections
  3. Tutorials
  4. Product recommendations
  5. Spotlight posts (putting attention on a cause, person, company)
  6. Interview/Q&A
  7. Inspiration/Motivational post

You can say that these categories are typical to many blogs. So, you see that figuring out these can help you write blog posts fast. How can you do that? Well, Chris explains it better than me, so head over to his blog to read more, but to sum it up let’s say this:

You create a blog post template which essentially provides the structure you need to get started in each one of the blog categories. If you have a pre-made structure it’s much easier to get your resources and ideas together and fill in the pieces of the puzzle.

How To Write Blog Posts Even Faster

Now here we come to my piece of advice. Of course, #1 tip is to use content from As I’ve said in previous posts, I strongly believe that PLR content can help you skyrocket your blogging speed in many ways. One important role pre-written content plays is that it can help you structure your content, instead of getting lost in your thoughts.

So, for instance, if you’re writing a blog post about making money online, there are hundreds of useful points you can make. How do you narrow down and structure your content? A pre-written article with private label rights can clarify that.

Then you can head over to MSN or Google News, BuzzFeed, Alltop, and other content sources to find updated content, so you can interlard your content with current developments fast.

My #2 tip to help you write blog posts faster is to use (it has a free plan) to write your posts. The help you’ll get is twofold; On the one hand, you will get grammar and language suggestions. On the other hand, you can easily find synonyms for your words. 

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